About Us


Why did we start Triple Threat Basketball?
Since 1995 our coaching staff has been involved with the development and growth of girl’s basketball in the Lower Mainland. They have been involved with the Basketball BC Elite Development Program and have always felt that playing on the Provincial Team was such an integral part of the development of the athletes involved. To get to train in the off season and apply that training in game situations at an elite level was invaluable. We felt it was even more beneficial for those athletes to experience this with different players and for different coaches, allowing them to expand their knowledge of basketball and help them to grow as players. It was from this experience that, in 2003,  we decided that this opportunity needed to be offered to more than just a handful of players every summer and thus Triple Threat Basketball was born.

Our Mission
At Triple Threat Basketball, we will provide the best in training in an environment that exceeds the athletes expectations. We have created a place where hard working, motivated, and competitive basketball players with positive attitudes can train and compete with each other on a regular basis to achieve their basketball goals. To further this, we maintain these objectives:

• To promote a passion and respect for the game of Basketball
• To teach, train and focus on the fundamentals of Basketball
• To encourage and develop self confidence
• To provide a high energy atmosphere

Triple Threat Basketball is geared toward players that are motivated and serious about competing at the highest levels of high school, college, and university.