Frequently Asked Questions

What is Triple Threat Basketball?
Triple Threat Basketball is a club organization that was formed to help develop and promote some of BC’s elite basketball players.

How do I join?
We will be having ID camps for each age group (check the website for the exact dates).

How much does it cost to tryout?
The cost for the ID camps will be $50 (may be subject to change). That price will include expert coaching and instruction.

How much does it cost if I make a team?
Triple Threat is a non-profit/cost recovery program, which means that we add up the costs for travel, accommodation, tournament entry fees, and uniform costs then divide it amongst the players involved.  The approx. cost (based on the average of our last five years) is $1850.  Again, this price depends on travel schedule and players involved.

How many teams are there?
Right now we are only planning and running 5 teams, but if there is enough interest we might look into the possibility of running more.

How will teams be formed?
At each ID camp our coaching staff will evaluate all the players. Throughout the 2 day camp, they will each approach players to get a sense of which players would best benefit from an opportunity like this.

How many team members are there?
We will choose 10 – 12 players for each team.

How will I find out if I make the team?
At the end of the ID camp we will notify the top 10 – 16 candidates.

What if I don’t make the team?
If you do not make the team, there is still a chance to still workout with them. We will be offering 4 practice spots to players interested in improving and working hard over the summer.

What if I can’t make the tryout?
If you cannot make a tryout, but are still very interested in working out with the teams, please contact one of the head coaches, and let them know your situation.

When do you start and when do you finish?
We start in the middle of April and go through the month of July.

When are practices and games?
Practice and game times would depend on the team you are playing on.  Generally we will run skills practices once or twice during the week and team practices on the weekends.  While our goal is to have 100% attendance at practices, we recognize that (for many athletes) this is not possible.  We do strongly encourage our players to be present at all team practices as, during the games, they are accountable to their teammates.

Where do you play?
We have entered our teams to play in tournament in Edmonton, Calgary, Seattle, Oregon, Victoria, as well as several around the Lower Mainland.

What is the level of play?
We will be training our players to compete at an elite level. Unfortunately we do not offer a recreational basketball program (yet), but there are several programs around the Lower Mainland that do.

What type of commitment is expected from student-athletes?
Since this is an elite basketball program, we would expect our athletes to be at all practices and games. They would be required to complete all assignments and workouts in order to gain the most out of this opportunity.

What characteristics do you look for in a player?
*Work Ethic
*Positive Attitude
*Team Orientation
Specifically, we are looking for players who want to play at the next level. We are interested in helping players achieve their goals of post-secondary play.

Can I participate in running the basketball program or another role within Triple Threat Basketball?
Absolutely. Triple Threat Basketball is always looking for volunteers to assist with all aspects of the program. All we ask is that you enjoy supporting kids and appreciate the value of athletics in the development of our youth.

As a parent, do I have a responsibility to my child’s team?
We hope that all team members will participate in making the most of this basketball experience. Please offer to assist your coach, even if not asked. There are many roles on a team that can be fulfilled, such as, snack coordinator, team mom (or dad), team manager, etc. You also have a responsibility to communicate with other parents and help workout issues that may develop through the season.